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We don’t make music,
but we're still a Rock band.

We create the best digital band based on the client's industry and the skills needed to implement the project.

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into new markets

Pink is a Design development firm.

We co-create, build, and grow the Ideas of tomorrow with leading corporations, mentors and entrepreneurs.

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Digital Rockers

We are Rock Designers.

Rock Design is an approach that involves a band of digital people whose sole purpose is business growth, and it's a process based on 5 activities that follow each other one after the other, repeating, creating a loop of cycles of experimentation that incredibly accelerate the speed at which results are achieved.

We create the best band based on the client's industry and the skills needed for the client's implementation.

POC consists in multiple phases, from Design, prototyping and testing to bring the product to market.

Creating an integrated strategy between physical and digital, merging online with offline.

Digital strategy' is a strategic plan formulated to achieve specific goals through a digital medium.

Digital products "ready to use" to facilitate some aspect of the customer journey.

Building an omnichannel strategy to support companies in the launch of new products or services in the market.

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