A strategic and creative design plan that led the brand to focus on the international market.

High quality, accessibility, tradition, and innovation: these are the pivotal points that tell the philosophy upon which the brand is founded, rendering it one of the most unique brands in the Made in Italy women’s fashion scenario.

The classic and timeless style of the label is constantly enriched by a careful study of the new trends and an extreme attention to details, giving birth to a modern yet sophisticated product.

What we did


The historic Roman brand had the mission to modernize itself and hit new targets without losing the fan-base customers that have been loyal to the brand for years.

The label had to elevate and adjust the positioning of their brand within a new market scenario so that quality, creativity, and design would become the cornerstones of the collections, with a shared vision toward an internationalization.


Our multidisciplinary team drafted an omnichannel marketing strategy plan with the goal of providing the brand with a new positioning, allowing it to gain a more ample market share, boosting the e-commerce performance and increasing its digital presence in the market.

01. New Positioning

02. Digital campaign

03. e-commerce

05. short video