A sustainable strategy to educate and inspire change.

Maluhia is a cosmetics brand with a reduced environmental impact born in 2021 in Italy.

The company was born from the passion for nature, and in particular for the ocean, of Beatrice Martini, biologist, aspiring environmental journalist, and irrepressible scuba diver.

The brand philosophy can be summed up in one sentence: “In small steps, changing everyday life, to make the planet greener.

What we did


Create a series of content that could transfer the essence of the brand.
The challenge of identifying a communication territory relevant to a target attentive to the issues of sustainability and environmental impact.


Our strategic and creative team has created a plan with the aim of associating Maluhia with a viable alternative to consumers that respects the environment.
The consumer is the protagonist of the brand, driven to make a difference, a feature found in all its products, plastic free, vegan, cruelty free, Made in Italy and organic (AIAB approved).

The products were designed to be light for the environment and packaged in packaging that is entirely recyclable and sustainable – cardboard and aluminium (recycled). In addition, shipments are entirely plastic free.

01. Branding

02. Campaign

03. Social

04. e-Commerce