A digital strategy to bring Manila Grace to a new dimension of communication.

Manila Grace, was born to dress women that emanate confidence through a style composed of contaminations and superimpositions, of creations in motion. Concrete colors and often deconstructed shapes, fabrics dyed and re-dyed, artfully stained, woven, mixed and knotted.

Exuberant without excess. Without fear of daring. With a great desire for all women to assert themselves and never be a victim of trends.

Manila Grace continues on the path of strengthening and consolidating its image through the opening of new “mono-brand” stores and the implementation of global partnerships capable of extending the product offering.

Brand extension strategies implemented with a view to strengthening the brand DNA transforming and enhancing it, in the purest sense of the word, imprinting a lifestyle, culture, and strong values through strictly Italian high-quality products.

What we did


Manila aimed to strengthen its digital presence and consolidate its image through a content strategic plan focused on enhancing the brand’s DNA. Strong lifestyle, culture and values were expressed through strictly Italian high-quality products.


Our cross-functional team carried out a detailed analysis of the business objectives, creating a competitor analysis with a visual benchmark. This allowed us to outline the objectives of the digital strategy, with specific campaign planning, editorial plans in line with the brand, and production of content on target with women who love the Manila Grace world.

01. social strategy

A tailor-made strategy was needed to create an harmonious feed in line with the brand’s aesthetics via an appealing and engaging slant that focused its attention toward the main objective: Sales performance.

Brand awareness and product awareness began to play in unison giving a new rhythm to the brand; by building an Instagram profile in target with the fashion brand, we achieved steady profile growth, increased ER and interactions.

02. digital campaigns

Year: 2022


Women’s Day Campaign

The International Women’s Day campaign, that Pink has been responsible for, has meant a lot for a team that seeks to make inclusiveness and its almost entirely feminine know-how one of its greatest strengths. The result was a one-minute long video that tells a story on concepts of beauty, acceptance, and solidarity among women.

An emotional video involving women of different ages, styles and aesthetics, a speech in voice over created ad hoc and a co-marketing activity with a well-known make-up brand integrated and perfectly aligned with the campaign concept.

Year: 2022


Valentine’s Day Campaign