A good point, clearly delivered: Persol’s New Chapter

With 100 years of history behind it, Persol is a synonym of refined materials and the Made in Italy craftsmanship; however, it is also a brand that lives and breathes the present.

Persol is not only on pace with current times, but a step ahead: it looks beyond, is trendy, and purly avant-garde.

What we did


This historic brand from Turin wanted to take a break from all perceived sophisticated ironies, creating a new communication platform that closes and engages with the new emerging customer targets (Millenials and GenZ).

The challenge was to execute a new, evolved project, but in respect of the brand’s past as well as the foundation on which a unique product style was built on.


Persol opens up to the future with an awareness that beautifully crafted objects are timeless.

The new advertising campaign marks the beginning of a new chapter for the brand, inviting a journey beyond convention. Close-ups of the frames suspended in time allow a close-up appreciation of the iconic Persol arrow; exceptional details and superior finishes were highlighted by the intense colors of the backgrounds.

The campaign text targets popular clichés and applies them to an ultra-individualistic generation with a subtly ironic vein and cool humor to express the eternal dichotomy between tradition and progress. Seen through Persol lenses, the ordinary is not so obvious.