A campaign concept designed to produce content that lives up to the excellence of the brand.

Amedeo Testoni pursued his craft in Bologna, the historical centre of shoemaking. In 1929, he opened his own workshop to follow his dream of creating footwear that effortlessly blends style and craftsmanship. 

Today, Testoni’s dream has taken on a global scale, bringing the world luxury footwear that are as expressive as they are exceptional.

What we did


Testoni’s “Holiday Capsule” is much more than a collection; it is an enchanted tale of timeless elegance. Each shoe and bag is carefully crafted like a work of art designed to celebrate the beauty and grace of the successful people who confidently sport these masterpieces of style. The campaign had to convey the concept idea behind the collection, but focusing on the quality of its products.


We focused on the concept that the “Holiday Capsule” is not just a collection, it is a journey, so we decided to create an utopic scenario, bringing true snow in an industrial studio, following a very fashionate moodboard in a natural spot. We got to transport viewers into an enchanted atmosphere without taking the focus away from the product.

01. Campaign

02. still life




Courmayeur, Italy – Testoni officially opened the winter season by creating a synergy between luxury footwear and the breathtaking landscapes of the Alps.

The images captured during this adventure turned Testoni’s ‘Holiday Capsule‘ into a stylish journey, paying homage to the timeless beauty of Italy. A perfect combination of fashion, craftsmanship and breathtaking views that will remain in everyone’s memory.

Day 1 - 27th November

In the elegant Relais Mont Blanc, four influencers were invited to live a unique experience. During their stay, Sara, Veronica, Chiara and Daniela attended the exclusive party in this charming location.

For the occasion, each of them chose the perfect model to experience an unforgettable evening.


Day 2 - 28th November

Guests of the Skyway Mont Blanc, at an altitude of 3,466 metres, the influencers showed off four more models from the collection, enjoying a luxury picnic against the evocative backdrop of the Alps.